Exercise & Fitness

We offer daily exercise sessions that are tailored to our members’ needs and abilities. Research links physical activity with slower mental decline. Exercise increases blood flow to all parts of your body, including your brain. Regular exercise may be beneficial in alleviating dementia symptoms in addition to improving overall health.

  • Chair exercises
  • Indoor social walking
  • Yoga (stretching, balance and relaxation)
  • Tai Chi
  • Strength exercises 
  • Dancing
  • Bowling
  • ​Chair Volleyball
  • Indoor golf
Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center

Adult day centers differ from other programs for seniors because they allow the participants to develop and increase self-awareness by encouraging independence.

Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center
Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center
Support Groups

Our caregiver support groups allow caregivers to connect with other people who are going through similar life challenges by caring for loved ones with physical and cognitive disabilities. Support groups allow you to talk about your experiences, frustrations and joys in a supportive environment. 

Share, vent, laugh, and feel less alone. 

Sea Breeze Adult Day Center can also assist with senior related educational 

resources  including legal, medical, transportation and other supportive services

referrals. Please ask us if you need help.

Call us at 727-623-9092

Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center
Art Therapy

Our lunch is proudly catered by our local

Boston Market 

Social Activities

People who continue to maintain close friendships and find other ways to interact socially live longer than those who become isolated. Relationships and social interactions even help protect against illness by boosting the immune system.

At Sea Breeze Adult Day Center we offer many ways for seniors to stay socially engaged and active with other center members as well as our staff. Below is a sampling of our social activities, which continue to evolve based on interests and feedback from our members.

  • Games - crossword & Sudoku puzzles, word search, domino’s, scrabble, card games, jigsaw puzzles, Jeopardy, The Price is Right and much more
  • Music & Pet Therapy
  • Arts & Craft
  • Bingo Blast
  • Scrapbooking
  • Dancing
  • Current events & book discussions
  • Hobbies and interests discussions
  • Movie Day
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Reminisce life events
  • Live music programs
  • Birthday and holiday celebrations​
  • Trivia Challenges
St. Petersburg, St Pete, Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center, Alzheimer's
Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center

The activities offered at our senior day care center, give enjoyment, entertainment, and companionship. The greatest benefit of all; engagement with peers. Our members are free to choose from multiple activities throughout the day that have been designed based on their preferences and needs.


For members who require help with transportation to and from our center, we gladly assist them with completing the DART (Demand Response Transportation) application allowing them to qualify for very affordable transportation provided by Care Ride. Please let us know if you need assistance with transportation.

Based on our members’ needs and request we will also provide on-site supplementary services provided by 3rd party licensed professionals (separate pricing applies).

We are now providing on-site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy through West Coast Therapy Specialists, LLC. Therapy services are generally covered by your Medicare (Part B) plan. 

Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center
Sea Breeze Adult Day Center, Dementia, Adult day center

"Improving the lives of seniors and

         family caregivers one day at a time"

Wellness & Nutrition

We provide basic wellness monitoring services administrated by our licensed nursing staff. 

  • Weight and blood pressure monitoring, as needed
  • Food and liquid intake monitoring
  • Nutritious and balanced breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon snack
  • Wellness education sessions (fall prevention, nutrition, exercise, …)

Dementia Care

Our experienced staff is trained to support members at various levels of cognitive function by engaging them in meaningful activities designed to enhance self-esteem, promote self-awareness and independence. Our care is always tailored to the individual needs of our members. Our staff is required to